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To figure out how to get from this point where you are now to your goals what you have dreamed about you need to understand how much fuel and other goodies will be needed for your journey. You need to start somewhere and we would like to congratulate you because you have arrived at most likely the best place to get all you need to achieve whatever you have dreamed of.


  • It’s all about people. The first rule is that we care, whoever you are. We believe that everyone is unique and that’s why we are eager to meet you. Every new connection is an opportunity!
  • You need to be in world-class shape. That’s why well-being is a carrying force in our ecosystem. We provide a high-quality working environment with diverse possibilities for daily exercise in various sports e.g. yoga, jogging, and gym. Everyone can and everyone will participate, That’s true sportsmanship!
  • Nothing happens without network and money flow. That’s why we provide multiple good opportunities and tools for sales and marketing. Like in every extremely good HQ’s we have a showroom for our members equipped with latest technology and skills for matching startups and corporates and another way around. Faster growth can and will be achieved.
  • Last but not least, the world tries to bring us down every day with negative news about economic crisis etc and that’s why you need to leave your title outside when visiting and working with us. There are only positive people and you can get so much more when you are smiling – you should try it, a smile is good for your business.


Here you can see yourself how the magic happens and we’ll tell you how to apply in person. But if it’s impossible you to visit us, please notice that we are as good as the people we choose to be our members, that’s why everyone has to apply to be a member. We are the strong ecosystem where we connect startups and corporations. We accelerate, facilitate, collide and match make.

Please fill in the membership form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please notice that we are the fastest growing co-creation platform in Nordics so it might take a little while to get back to you (at least couple of hours).

  • Co-creation ecosystem for start ups and corporations – accelerating startup growth and fueling/fostering corporate innovation.

  • Energizing environment where your well-being is our priority/ for supporting your wellbeing

  • Well-equipped and flexible working space for company’s needs

  • IHF Co-working space provides a productive, creative, and inspiring work atmosphere for startups and corporate organizations

  • Innovative community with match making support and business development trainings

Like in a space vessel, you need to have all the pieces in the right order. That is the same in business. You need to have all the right people, tools and networks in the correct order to make it work like the greased engine.

So welcome, you have arrived at the best co-creation ecosystem in the whole wide world (at least our members say so).


Onboarding is the first step you take.

It includes an introduction to IHF, joint objectives setting and action planning for your future operations.

The second step is to set up the collaboration parts for your operations to get things going on sky high:

The third step is to participate in special events what we arrange on weekly basis and those includes joint sales and marketing activities, pitching events and even your own happenings.

The fourth step is to join business development unit where you access to all IHF co-operation ecosystem (includes small- and the big ones) to test out your business ideas and concepts.

We also provide high tech showroom for your brand and innovations.