Timo ”time” Valvio


It’s Timo time!
In his career of over 30 years of consulting and training, Timo has inspired and boosted efficiency in numerous organisations and fields of business:
Electrical, car, construction, food, advertising and apparel industries among others.
Educational establishments, institutes and universities.
Chamber of commerce and Finnish Ice Hockey Association.

Timo has helped his clients not only in the field of time management, but also presentation techniques, service quality and customer satisfaction. His clients come back for more and Timo has been training many organisations for years, some even 20 years. The results reported by clients speak for themselves:
25 % better use of office hours
Better planning and prioritising
Better work environment

Time management might sound a rather dry subject for a training day, but Timo makes sure you have fun too. His ability to engage his audience and his story-telling skills make the training day efficient and the audience concentrated. This creates results! Timo’s pedagogy:

Education should be entertaining and entertainment should be educational.


Timo Valvio
Kouluttaja, innostaja, yrittäjä
Länsiportti 1 Ee
Fin-02210 Espoo

0207 590 790
0400 607 067

Fax: 09 859 7909