Peppi Stunkel


After several years of working within the global entertainment business in the world´s leading gaming publishing company in London and Geneva, I decided to follow my dream and travel the world by bicycle across Asia, a trip that led me to find some of the most motivational and inspirational global change makers and innovators in this world that are truly making a difference in the world. Apart from having the opportunity to work alongside a vast amount of international organizations, I also managed an environmental bicycle touring company which funded an educational NGO in Cambodia and later opened my Kitesurfing School in Mexico, after working as an instructor in Kenya and Brazil. All these opportunities have allowed me to grow and learn through challenge. Today I have combined my passion for change making and wildlife conservation with entrepreneurship and co-manage a Sea Turtle Conservation NGO in Mexico. It may not sound like business, but to manage a not for profit, sometimes requires far more innovation, imagination and creativity than our usual day to day business. I also give talks at schools and universities and international events about the work that we do and about international volunteering. I am truly inspired and excited about the future of Innovation House Finland and very proud to be part of it.