Kaisu Kanstrén



I am a researcher and Ph.D. candidate in the field of International HRM. I’m also the CEO and co-founder of KaTe Solutions and Consulting. KaTeSC innovates in the digital service space, focusing on innovative and intelligent service design and development.

Since my career change from teaching in catering business to fulfill my academic aspirations at the university I have been interested in human behavior and coping in different cultural contexts. Consequently, my principal research interests are in expatriation, international careers and career capital, well-being and careers of expatriate partners and dual-career couples.

My passion is to help people to overcome anxiety they might experience due to relocating abroad. Based on my own experiences as an accompanying partner and as an expatriate, I deeply understand the challenges faced by those who relocate from one culture to another. My own journey as an expatriate has taken me from Finland to the Netherlands and Canada.

I have practical experience with different challenges concerning e.g. cultural adjustment, career development, third culture kids (TCKs) and cross-cultural communication. In addition, my knowledge is based on my research and the experiences of the vast number of similar expatriates I have networked with while in different countries.

Currently, in addition to my interests in expatriation, I’m managing my own start-up and learning everything possible on innovations and software business. Indeed, I am a true lifelong learner who always finds herself in the middle of new challenges!