Jussi Nevalinna


I am a senior marketing leader with product marketing as my favourite and defining area. I know how to design, develop, and market consumer products, services, and apps. I have also worked with digital products (web, apps, services) and marketing/sales throughout my career and understand the potential digital brings across industries. As leader, I have built and led marketing organizations, from start-up size teams to up to 200 people, and been responsible for businesses with sales of several billion USD annually. As person, I like working with people, as part of the team, and I am good at making people believe and bringing energy to them. I love my work best when I get to think about and distil the essence of products or businesses, build them, and inspire people to believe in them – this is for sure my passion and forte. I am strong believer in company culture and values – to me they are essential for success. Outdoor sports, mountains, and beauty of nature are my personal passions and sources of inspiration. And my Wife, and Family, is the light behind it all.

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