Jussi Muurikainen


VP, SaaS Offering for Businesses (@jupander)
Nordea Aalto University

Mika Eriksson, Partner at Nestholma, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Network at Finpro
”Jussi in an excellent model for all entrepreneurs. He is always full of energy, truly excited about things he does and he also has very good social and networking skills.”

Jesse Maula, Chief Design Officer, CDO at Idean, former CEO, Idean
”Jussi is a passionate, hard working entrepreneur who can make impossible to happen. Pioneering in the field of user centric service design and development, he has made a great land mark in Finnish start-up scene. ”

Jussi Heinilä – Partner, Co-Founder at Accelerando
”Jussi has the right kind of entrepreneurial spirit: energy, realism, positive aura, networking skills, bravery, and SISU. He is also very honest, but not forgetting ambitious and goal driven. It is always a great pleasure and fun working with him.”

Jani Muhonen – Business Director, Solita, former CEO, Verkkoteollisuus
”It is rare to know so optimistic and hard working, yet so open minded and willing to share people as Jussi is. I once said that ’bravery’ is something we all should aim at. And at the same time I presented my listeners one great example of it: Jussi”

CFO and Co-Founder at TDR Group
”Jussi is one of those guys, who simply is able to make impossible become possible. He is a creator, an innovator, one of the most persistent person I have ever met.”

General view on past responsibilities:

– marketing, branding (both B2C & B2B)
– change management / development
– service development, B2B & B2C
– recruiting, HR
– financial planning, budgeting, raising seed funding etc.
– strategic planning
– digital services & business models