Juha Särestöniemi


My background is in R&D (SW) and IT, but during the past years I have spent more and more time with the HR and business development activities, where I also specialised with my MBA studies.
Complex change projects and motivation development activities are the challenges I’m looking for.

I have over 14 years of development and management experience from the big corporate companies, from where I took a gigantic leap to running my own small business 4 years ago.
My company (Velis & Remis Oy) is doing mostly different kinds of Management and Business Development consultation, and learning solutions design for small and middle sized companies. We have also expanded our scope to marketing and communications activities.

Along my own business I drifted to a challenge of heading a private school Muurlan Opisto. It was meant to be a temporary emergency job, but due to many unpredicted changes, it has become slightly longer than expected. A great experience, with great results.

So currently I’m working with-in three different ”companies”, and trying to relate all of those activities together.

Specialties (in no particular order):
• Leadership and management.
• Competence development.
• eLearnings.
• Marketing.
• Change management.
• IT & SW Development.
• Project management (Agile & Waterfall).
• Need and requirement management.
• HR, resource and organizational management.
• Sourcing & vendor management
• IT service management best practices and standards